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Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Albums - (Reviews / Ratings)

On this page I have tried to compare and rate the official releases from Adam Ant and Adam And The Ants. I have tried to highlight which tracks I see as the most important on the individual releases. There is a massive lot of more or less interesting Ant compilations out there, so this list may not be complete.

 Rating: 8/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Kings of the Wild Frontier (Super Deluxe Edition) - CD 1
Title: Kings of the Wild Frontier (Super Deluxe Edition) - CD 1
Important Tracks: 
©: 2016   (p): 1980   Label: Sony   #: ?   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants -  Kings of the Wild Frontier (Super Deluxe Edition) - CD 2
Title:  Kings of the Wild Frontier (Super Deluxe Edition) - CD 2
Important Tracks: 
©: 2016   (p): 1980   Label: Sony   #: ?   Media: CD   

 Rating: 5/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Adam Ant is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner's Daughter
Title: Adam Ant is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner's Daughter
The production kinda sucks. It has a demo feel to it. That's bad because a lot of the songs are really good. Also the album feels a bit randomly compiled and it feels uneven. That is a shame because there is much more potential in these 17 songs.
If you are a long time Ant fan like me, you will come to like it. If you are a casual Ant fan, who basically only know the hit singles then I fear you'll have a hard time cracking this nut.
The packaging and booklet are both awesome. And so is much of the music if you take your time and you can live with the production.
Important Tracks: Marrying the Gunner's Daughter, Stay In The Game, Vince Taylor, Shrink, Punkyoungirl, Who's a Goofy Bunny Then, How Can I Say I Miss You?
©: 2013   (p): 2013   Label: Blueblack Hussar   #: BBH002CD   Media: CD   

 Rating: 6/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Live at the Bloomsbury
Title: Live at the Bloomsbury
In 2006 Adam had his autobiography "Stand & Deliver" published. On the 24 September 2007 Adam did a reading at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London and he performed a bunch of old songs as well. He was only accompanied by an old friend Dave Pash on the guitar. This cd holds some of the reading and some(all?) of the songs performed that night.
Even if this isn't the greatest album I've heard from Adam Ant, I must admit that I have had Catch A Falling Star and Never Trust A Man(With Egg On His Face) on my mind quite a bit lately.
Important Tracks: Young Parisians, Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face), Cleopatra, Catch A Falling Star, Cartrouble, Stand & Deliver, Goody Two Shoes
©: 2008   (p): 2008   Label: Adam Ant   #: AACD001   Media: CD   
Notes: Can only be purchased thru
 The official Adam Ant website  

 Rating: 5/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Dandy Highwaymen (compilation)
Title: Dandy Highwaymen (compilation)
This 2cd compilation consists of tracks from the CBS period 1980 until 1985. It contains quite a large amount of the album tracks from that period as well as a few single tracks. I can' really see the point of this release and I would advice you to go for the Remastered collection instead. Why not get all the albums instead of just many of the songs?
Important Tracks: Most of the tracks.
©: 2007   (p): 2007   Label: Music Club Deluxe   #: MCDLX072   Media: CD   

 Rating: 6/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - The Very Best Of (compilation + dvd)
Title: The Very Best Of (compilation + dvd)
2006 saw the release of this cd compilation and a 2dvd release of (nearly) all the music videos you could ever want from Adam Ant as well as the really great autobiographical book telling Adam's story. This compilation is really not that interesting and you may find all tracks elsewhere in the same versions. It consists of songs from 1979 up until 1995. I would advise you to go for the 2dvd and the book instead. They are much more essential.
Important Tracks: CD: Most of the tracks.
DVD: All of the videos.
©: 2006   (p): 2006   Label: Columbia   #: 82876897532   Media: CD   
Notes: All the videos found on the dvd can be found on the "Stand & Deliver" 2dvd also released in 2006. According to SputnikFred the "Kings Of The Wild Frontier" version differ. I need equipment to play them simultaneously to be able to verify.

 Rating: 10/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Remastered (boxset)
Title: Remastered (boxset)
Well, you get most of the Ant studio albums in remastered glory with extra, alternate, single and demo tracks, and on top of that you even get a Redux collection of demos. So what more do you really want? This compilation is a must-have and the best, cheapest and easiest way to get a superb Adam Ant collection.
Important Tracks: Too many to choose from.
©: 2005   (p): 2005   Label:    #:    Media: CD   
Notes: Albums: Dirk Wears White Søx, Kings Of The Wild Frontier, Prince Charming, Friend Or Foe, Strip, Vive Le Rock, Redux

 Rating: 6/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Redux (compilation)
Title: Redux (compilation)
15 demo versions and unreleased tracks. While it is not something you may want to listen to a lot of times it is always very fascinating to hear demo versions of the songs. It gives much insight into how the tracks sounded before they got all that fancy studio production.
Important Tracks: All of them, I guess...
©: 2005   (p): 2005   Label:    #:    Media: CD   
Notes: This album is included in the Remastered boxset.

 Rating: 7/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - The Essential (compilation)
Title: The Essential (compilation)
A compilation having tracks from 1979 up until 1995. It is a pretty good compilation of songs spanning all albums and without any weird choices.
Important Tracks: Most of the tracks.
©: 2003   (p): 2003   Label: Sony   #: B00008PX8O   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - The Complete Radio 1 Sessions (BBC)
Title: The Complete Radio 1 Sessions (BBC)
This re-release is even better than the first version since it has 5 extra tracks. 2 tracks from 1978 that you can't live without, and then 3 tracks from 1995 that are not too interesting.
Important Tracks: Deutscher Girls, Puerto-Rican, It Doesn't Matter, Zerox, Ligotage, Never Trust A Man(With Egg On His Face)
©: 2001   (p): 2001   Label: Strange Fruit   #: SFRSCD099   Media: CD   
Notes: This is a re-release of the "Peel Sessions" album from 1990.

 Rating: 10/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Antbox (compilation)
Title: Antbox (compilation)
This is a must-have for any member of the Antpeople. Not all of the tracks are essential, but you get so many cool alternate versions and demos that you simply can't live without this outstanding boxset which covers Adam's entire career up until "Wonderful". It is 3cds with a massive 66 tracks compiled by Ant and Marco from the archives. The booklet included is also top class including tons of details about the recordings and many great photos. Go buy it now!
Important Tracks: Many many great tracks.
©: 2000   (p): 2000   Label: Columbia   #: 500782 2   Media: CD   

 Rating: 2/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Super Hits (compilation)
Title: Super Hits (compilation)
This compilation has several great tracks but it is a pretty weird selection of songs for a "super-hits" compilation. It only features 10 songs and mixes hit singles with cover versions and b-sides and songs that are nowhere near being super-hits.
Important Tracks: Pretty weird compilation...
©: 1998   (p): 1998   Label: Sony   #: B000002AM0   Media: CD   

 Rating: 4/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Wonderful
Title: Wonderful
This album is a rather quiet one and from the Adam Ant autobiography released in 2006 we learn that is wasn't a particularly happy period either. The title track is very touching and very oustanding. Most of the rest of the album is not worth talking too much about. I've never really liked it. I really like the "Wonderful" single b-side "Woman Love Run Through Me" though.
Important Tracks: Beautiful Dream, Wonderful, Gotta Be A Sin, Very Long Ride
©: 1995   (p): 1995   Label: EMI   #: 7243 8 30335 2 2   Media: CD   

 Rating: 9/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - B-side Babies (compilation)
Title: B-side Babies (compilation)
Truly oustanding single b-sides collection. It is not complete and a few b-sides are missing but what you find here is never-the-less a great collection. Especially the early b-sides are just as great as any album tracks and many later singles featured b-sides with songs that were written much earlier. Mucho recommended.
Important Tracks: Fall-In, Beat My Guest, Friends(version 2), Red Scab, B-Side Baby, Greta-X, Human Bondage Den, Physical(You're So), Christian D'Or
©: 1994   (p): 1994   Label: Epic/Legacy   #: EK 57895   Media: CD   

 Rating: 9/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Antmusic (compilation and live)
Title: Antmusic (compilation and live)
The studio compilation covers tracks from 1977 up until 1989. It even features very early tracks like "Deutscher Girls" and "Young Parisians". Much more interesting is the second cd of the limited 2cd edition. It features Adam Ant performing live in 1993 just before the Persuasion tour began. It took place at a rehearsal sound stage in Burbank and has been recorded directly to tape. While the sound quality is very raw and contains both noise and feedback from time to time it is a truly fascinating listen. Adam and his band throws in an outstanding performance here. It can only be recommended that you find a way to obtain this treasure.
Important Tracks: STUDIO CD: Most of the tracks.
LIVE CD: Dog Eat Dog, Ants Invasion, 20th Century Boy, Shakin' All Over, Red Scab, Physical (You're So), Young Dumb And Full Of It
©: 1993   (p): 1993   Label: Arcade   #: ARC3100002   Media: CD   
Notes: The limited edition is a 2cd version including a live album with 18 tracks. The only official Adam Ant live album! It was recorded early 1993.

 Rating: 6/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Persuasion (unreleased)
Title: Persuasion (unreleased)
A second MCA album "Persuasion" was finished and should have been released in 1993. Very unfortunately MCA chose not to release it. But it exists out there, if only you search hard enough...
The sound is not too far from that of "Manners & Physique", however the melodies are a bit better and it is not totally lacking the Antmusic flavour.
Some of the songs are slightly incomplete and/or with minor skips and noise. However the sound quality is very good for a bootleg.
Important Tracks: Persuasion, Headgirl, All Girl Action, Brain Candy, Obsession, Little Devil, Sexatise You, Survival Of The Fetish, Charge Of The Heavy Brigade, Don't Knock It, Little Devil (remix), Brain Candy (remix), Don't Knock It (remix), Obsession (remix), Sexatise You (remix), Charge Of The Heavy Brigade (remix), Seems To Me (demo).
©: 1993   (p): 1993   Label: MCA   #: ?   Media: CD   

 Rating: 6/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Peel Sessions (BBC)
Title: Peel Sessions (BBC)
This is a great selection of early Adam & The Ants tracks recorded at BBC's Peel Sessions in 1978 and 1979. It gives a brilliant insight in the Ants sound of that period and contains several tracks not found on the "Dirk Wears White Sox" album.
Important Tracks: It Doesn't Matter, Zerox, Ligotage, Never Trust A Man(With Egg On His Face)
©: 1990   (p): 1990   Label: Strange Fruit   #: SFRCD 115   Media: CD   
Notes: This album was later re-released in 2001 with a new title "The Complete Radio 1 Sessions".

 Rating: 5/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Antics In The Forbidden Zone (compilation)
Title: Antics In The Forbidden Zone (compilation)
This compilation covers songs from 1979 up until 1985. It focuses mostly on the earlier albums. It is not a bad compilation but the problem is that it ends in 1985 not covering all of Adam's albums. But if you prefer the early stuff then I guess it is ok.
Important Tracks: Most of the tracks.
©: 1990   (p): 1990   Label: Sony   #: B0000027E4   Media: CD   

 Rating: 4/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Manners & Physique
Title: Manners & Physique
This album was produced by former Prince basist André Cymone. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Prince fan and I love the Minneapolis sound, André however obviously didn't like the "Antmusic" sound, so it is very difficult to hear that this is actually an Adam Ant album. "Room At The Top" and to some extend the title track is great tracks never-the-less and "Young Dumb And Full Of It" is a pure Ant/Marco track that brightly shines through the MPLS filter. At the end of the day I don't like this album and the production has very much to do with it.
Important Tracks: Room At The Top, Manners & Physique, Young Dumb And Full Of It
©: 1989   (p): 1989   Label: MCA   #: MCAD-6315   Media: CD   
Notes: Re-released in 2009 (CR POP 24) remastered and with 5 bonus tracks (b-side + remixes).

 Rating: 3/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Hits (compilation)
Title: Hits (compilation)
This was the first Adam (and the) Ants compilation. It has all the hit singles released from 1980 to 1985. In other words the CBS period. It is not very interesting today as most of these tracks are available elsewhere on better compilations or on the albums they are taken from.
Important Tracks: All of the tracks.
©: 1986   (p): 1986   Label: CBS   #:    Media: CD   
Notes: Released on cd in 2001 and re-released with a new title "Best of the Best Gold" in 2006.

 Rating: 8/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Vive Le Rock
Title: Vive Le Rock
This album sees Adam do what he does best: play rock music. I've always liked this album and especially "No Zap" is an alltime favourite of mine. The album doesn't feature that many outstanding tracks but it is very consistent and has a great sound. By any definition it is a major improvement to the soft pop of the previous album.
Important Tracks: Vive Le Rock, Miss Thing, Rip Down, Scorpio Rising, Apollo 9, Hell's Eight Acres, No Zap, Human Bondage Den
©: 1985   (p): 1985   Label: Epic/Legacy   #: EK 64788   Media: CD   
Notes: "Human Bondage Den" was only featured on the first edition of the cd and on cassette. It is however found on the remastered cd version(2005).

 Rating: 6/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Strip
Title: Strip
This is a pure pop record and it features Phil Collins on drums and as producer on "Strip" and "Puss'n Boots". I really don't like the sound on this record. It is very soft and sugar-like and it lacks edge and punch. I simply prefer Adam Ant when he sticks to a more rock oriented sound. The music video for "Puss'n Boots" was however great.
Important Tracks: Strip, Baby Let Me Scream At You, Vanity, Puss'n Boots, Playboy, Montreal, Amazon
©: 1983   (p): 1983   Label: CBS   #:    Media: CD   
Notes: The vinyl LP limited edition includes an Adam Ant strip poster.

 Rating: 10/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Dirk Wears White Sox
Title: Dirk Wears White Sox
This re-release has many of the tracks from the original 1979 release. It also includes a few great single and b-side tracks: Cartrouble, Kick!, Zerøx, Whip In My Valise. Unfortunately it is also omitting a few great tracks from the 1979 release: Day I Met God, Catholic Day. They may have been omitted because of their controversial lyrics, however "Whip In My Valise" is not exactly that pretty either, so maybe it was just because of space limitations of the LP format. Apart from that, the cover art has changed completely.
Important Tracks: Cartrouble, Kick!, Digital Tenderness, Zerøx, Cleopatra, Never Trust A Man(With Egg On His Face), Animals And Men, The Idea, Whip In My Valise
©: 1983   (p): 1979   Label: CBS   #:    Media: CD   
Notes: First released in 1979 as "Dirk Wears White Søx" on Do It records. The best solution is to go for the remastered boxset version(2005) which holds all songs from both album versions and extra tracks as well.

 Rating: 10/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Friend Or Foe
Title: Friend Or Foe
This was the first solo Adam Ant record but except from having fired the Ants not that much had changed. Marco Pirroni and his guitar was still around to ensure the familiar Ant-feeling of things. The music is really great pop/rock music and I think this is one the best Ant albums ever.
Important Tracks: Friend Or Foe, Place In The Country, Desperate But Not Serious, Here Comes The Grump, Hello I Love You, Goody Two Shoes, Crackpot History And The Right To Lie, Made Of Money, Cajun Twisters, Try This For Sighs
©: 1982   (p): 1982   Label: Columbia   #: 484436 2   Media: CD   

 Rating: 8/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Prince Charming
Title: Prince Charming
The follow up to the extemely successful "Kings Of The Wild Frontier" is not quite as good and a bit more inconsistent but it certainly holds many a great track on it. Somehow I think buccaneer Adam changed too many things from the previous album and he should have stuck more to the "Antmusic" concept. Some of the music videos for this album are really among the pioneer stuff in the world of music videos and they cost a fortune at the time. This album is the last using the Adam And The Ants name. From there on it would be Adam Ant.
Important Tracks: Scorpios, Picasso Visita El Planeta De Los Simios, Prince Charming, Five Guns West, That Voodoo!, Stand And Deliver, Ant Rap, Mowhok
©: 1981   (p): 1981   Label: Columbia   #: 474606 2   Media: CD   

 Rating: 10/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Kings Of The Wild Frontier
Title: Kings Of The Wild Frontier
The first colaboration between Adam Ant and guitarist Marco Pirroni was the single "Kings Of The Wild Frontier" which invented the "Antmusic" sound and paved the way for this great album. This album is one of the greatest albums of the eighties and it holds nothing but great songs. Adam and Marco changed the music business with their unique sound, the use of massive percussion with two drummers, the apache look and their fantastic music videos. They simply took pop music to a new level with this post-punk record.
Important Tracks: Dog Eat Dog, "AntMusic", Feed Me To The Lions, Ants Invasion, Kings Of The Wild Frontier, The Magnificent Five, Don't Be Square(Be There), The Human Beings
©: 1980   (p): 1980   Label: CBS   #:    Media: CD   
Notes: Some of the vinyl LPs included a catalogue with info about the Ants, their first recordings and their first gigs.

 Rating: 10/10
Adam Ant / Adam And The Ants - Dirk Wears White Søx
Title: Dirk Wears White Søx
Adam's first album "Dirk Wears White Søx" was released in 1979 on Do It records. The album was recorded with the first constellation of the Ants and they would soon abandon ship (inspired by a certain Malcolm McLaren) only to be replaced. The sound on this first record is pretty different from the later "AntMusic" sound and it is more punk, rough and unpolished. You can hear Adam's talent from the beginning, and several of the lyrics are really great. After I got into this album (around 1983 I think) I have never stopped loving it. It is a fantastic debut record.
Important Tracks: Cartrouble (parts 1 & 2), Digital Tenderness, Day I Met God, Cleopatra, Catholic Day, Never Trust A Man(With Egg On His Face), Animals And Men, The Idea
©: 1979   (p): 1979   Label: Do It   #:    Media: CD   
Notes: In 1983 "Dirk Wears White Sox" was re-released on CBS. The best solution is to go for the remastered boxset version(2005) which holds all songs from both album versions and extra tracks as well.