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Motörhead - Albums - (Reviews / Ratings)

On this page I have tried to compare and rate the official releases from Motörhead. I have tried to highlight which tracks I see as the most important on the individual releases. There is an insane amount of more or less interesting Motörhead compilations and live albums out there, so this list is not complete. A full discography can be found here. A lyrics collection can be found here.

 Rating: 5/10
Motörhead - Motörhead
Title: Motörhead
This was the first official release by Motörhead and it is a great debut record. The 2001 cd release includes the "Beer drinkers" EP released in 1980. The Motörhead sound may not quite have been in full effect on this record however it was almost there and it contains many great tracks. Also it is obvious that better things would follow soon. This first album had Snaggletooth on the cover, a creature that has stayed a Motörhead trademark ever since. Line-up: Lemmy, Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor and "Fast" Eddie Clarke.
Important Tracks: Motörhead, iron horse/born to lose, the watcher, city kids, beer drinkers and hell raisers, on parole, I'm your witch doctor
©: 1977   (p): 1977   Label: chiswick   #: cdwikm2   Media: CD   

 Rating: 10/10
Motörhead - Overkill
Title: Overkill
Motörhead's first genuine masterpiece. It contains so many classic tracks that are still live favourites today almost 30 years later. "Louie, Louie" is a fine b-side included on the cd version. Line-up: Lemmy, Taylor and Clarke.
Important Tracks: Overkill, stay clean, (I won't)pay your price, I'll be your sister, capricorn, no class, metropolis, limb from limb, louie louie
©: 1978   (p): 1978   Label: Castle   #: ESM CD 310   Media: CD   

 Rating: 5/10
Motörhead - On Parole
Title: On Parole
Technically this was Motörhead's first album recording. Unfortunately the record label didn't like it, so it wasn't released when finished in 1976. It wasn't released until 1979 to cash in on the bands success. The release listed here is EMI's 1997 release that includes several alternate takes as bonus tracks. In my opinion the "On Parole" album has a slightly better sound quality and/or mix compared to the "Motörhead" album. But then again I may just have been drunk every time I played them back to back. Line-up: Lemmy Kilmister, Larry Wallis, Phil Taylor(and Lucas Fox.)
Important Tracks: Motörhead, on parole, iron horse/born to lose, city kids, the watcher, leaving here
©: 1979   (p): 1976   Label: EMI   #: 7243 8 54794 2 7   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Motörhead - Bomber
Title: Bomber
I've never been a huge fan of this album. I think the songs are of a little less quality than what was found on "Overkill". However the title track is an all time Motörhead classic. "Over The Top" is a single b-side included on the cd release. The question was had Motörhead already burned out so soon? Listening to it thru later years, has made me change the rating. I like it much better now.
Important Tracks: Dead men tell no tales, stone dead forever, bomber, over the top
©: 1979   (p): 1979   Label: Sanctuary   #: SMEDD220   Media: CD   

 Rating: 10/10
Motörhead - Ace Of Spades
Title: Ace Of Spades
The answer was: No, fuck no! Motörhead hadn't even started yet. This is their second masterpiece. Just like with "Overkill" you will find so many great classics on this album that it is almost unbelievable. Almost every single track on this album is still a live favourite. "Dirty Love" is a single b-side included on the cd release.
Important Tracks: Ace of spades, love me like a reptile, shoot you in the back, fast and loose, (we are)the roadcrew, jailbait, dance, the chase is better than the catch, the hammer, dirty love
©: 1980   (p): 1980   Label: Sanctuary   #: SMEDD243   Media: CD   

 Rating: 10/10
Motörhead - No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith (live)
Title: No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith (live)
When you have already created two masterpiece albums why not challenge yourself and create one of the best live albums ever released? Maybe that was how they thought? Or maybe they just plugged the tape recorder into the mixing desk and did what they do best: played it loud, fast and fucking excellent! The 2cd version contains an extra disc with even more live tracks that didn't end up on the original release. From the first thundering track "Ace Of Spades" to the last explosion "Motörhead", this is easily one of the best live music recordings in the history of rock 'n' roll.
Important Tracks: All songs.
©: 1981   (p): 1981   Label: Sanctuary   #: MISDD003   Media: CD   

 Rating: 5/10
Motörhead - Iron Fist
Title: Iron Fist
The band changed the sound a bit on this record compared to the previous records. It contains the alltime classic "Iron Fist" and one of my favourite Motörhead tracks "I'm The Doctor" with the hilarious lyrics: "You'll feel much better when you take these little pills - I'm gonna give you 60 bottles, I believe in overkill." Besides "Heart Of Stone" I'm not that impressed by the rest of the record.
Important Tracks: Iron fist, heart of stone, I'm the doctor, (don't let 'em)grind ya down, (don't need)religion
©: 1982   (p): 1982   Label: Sanctuary   #: SMEDD244   Media: CD   

 Rating: 5/10
Motörhead - What's Words Worth (live)
Title: What's Words Worth (live)
This is a very early live recording recorded at The Roundhouse in London in 1978. It features tracks from the first album and that obviously gives some limitations in terms of how cool a live album it can be. The sound quality is however not that bad for a live recording from 1978 and it is quite interesting to listen to. Motörhead was an awesome live band from the very beginning.
Important Tracks: Most of them
©: 1983   (p): 1983   Label: Big Beat   #: CD WIKM 209   Media: CD   

 Rating: 9/10
Motörhead - Another Perfect Day
Title: Another Perfect Day
Another album that I've never really been too happy with. Clarke left the band and was replaced with ex-Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson. Rumour has it that he was a bit of a strange fruit to be around but he did play some great guitar. Especially "Shine" is outstanding. One of the best Motörhead tracks ever even though not sounding like a typical Motörhead track. It ain't a totally bad album but not that great either. The cd release includes an extra disc with a 1983 live gig. Again, years have improved it. It is a much better album than I initially thought.
Important Tracks: Back at the funny farm, shine, dancing on your grave, one track mind, I got mine
©: 1983   (p): 1983   Label: Sanctuary   #: SMEDD328   Media: CD   

 Rating: 2/10
Motörhead - Live on the King Biscuit Flower Hour (live)
Title: Live on the King Biscuit Flower Hour (live)
Pretty shitty production, the sound quality is nowhere near "No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith" or "Everything Louder Than Everyone Else". But I guess hearing "Shine" live is never a bad thing, no matter if the quality is shitty or not... On this cd is also an interview with Lemmy.
Important Tracks: Back at the funny farm, Shine, I Got Mine
©: 1983   (p): 1983   Label: Pinnacle   #: KBFHCD002   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Motörhead - No Remorse (compilation)
Title: No Remorse (compilation)
This is a compilation that covers tracks from 1977 up until 1983. On vinyl it was originally released in a leather cover that looked pretty cool. On cd you will however get a few extra bonus tracks instead of a leather cover.
Important Tracks: Most of them.
©: 1984   (p): 1984   Label: Castle   #: ESD CD 371   Media: CD   

 Rating: 4/10
Motörhead - Anthology (compilation)
Title: Anthology (compilation)
This is a rather weird compilation. Not really a greatest hits package more tracks picked at random it seems. Not very interesting to be honest...
Important Tracks: Dirty Love and a few other tracks...
©: 1986   (p): 1986   Label: Castle   #: rawcd 011   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Motörhead - Orgasmatron
Title: Orgasmatron
Pretty good album that contains 2 of the best Motörhead tracks ever "Doctor Rock" and the amazing "Orgasmatron". The lyrics "Your bones will build my palaces, your eyes will stud my crown - For I am Mars, the god of war, and I will cut you down" combined with the image of Lemmy in a green spot-light laughing like a mad man, is simply out-of-this-world cool. Rock 'n' roll doesn't get better than that. Something about the production is not quite right but nothing too bad. Line-up for this record was: Lemmy, Phil Campbell, Wurzel and Pete Gill. The cd version contains an extra disc with bonus tracks and live recordings.
Important Tracks: Deaf forever, nothing up my sleeve, claw, built for speed, doctor rock, orgasmatron
©: 1986   (p): 1986   Label: Sanctuary   #: SMEDD329   Media: CD   

 Rating: 6/10
Motörhead - Rock 'N' Roll
Title: Rock 'N' Roll
Another fairly good record. Especially the title track is a favourite of mine. Lemmy reflecting on the rock'n'roll life: "I got rock 'n' roll, to save me from the cold - And if that's all there is, it ain't so bad - Rock 'n' roll". Line-up for this record was: Lemmy, Phil Campbell, Wurzel and "Philty Animal" Taylor. The cd version contains an extra disc with bonus tracks and live recordings.
Important Tracks: Rock 'n' roll, eat the rich, stone deaf in the USA, the wolf, traitor, just 'cos you've got the power
©: 1987   (p): 1987   Label: Sanctuary   #: SMEDD330   Media: CD   

 Rating: 4/10
Motörhead - Live At Brixton 1987 (live)
Title: Live At Brixton 1987 (live)
The problem with this one is that the sound quality sucks a lot. It somehow sounds like it was recorded through a bag behind a closed door somewhere in the back inside the men's room. Seriously it is not worth buying. With so many great Motörhead live albums out there, this one won't bring you anything that you can't get louder, faster or better sounding elsewhere.
Important Tracks: They're all cool songs. But I guess "Just 'coz you got the power" stands out.
©: 1987   (p): 2005   Label: Sanctuary   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Motörhead - Nö Sleep At All (live)
Title: Nö Sleep At All (live)
Just from the first track "Dr. Rock" followed by "Traitor", this is a pretty great live album. Not on par with the very best from Motörhead, but less is well good enough. We are talking about Motörhead for fuck's sake.
Important Tracks: Dr. rock, traitor, deaf forever, just 'cos you got the power, killed by death, overkill
©: 1988   (p): 1997   Label: Sanctuary   #: SMRCD068   Media: CD   

 Rating: 6/10
Motörhead - The Birthday Party (live)
Title: The Birthday Party (live)
This one was recorded live at London's Hammersmith Odeon in 1985. It was the night of Motörheads 10th anniversary and was also released as a music video. The music video is pretty bad from a technical point of view and the sound on this cd isn't the best either. It is however still a quite interesting album. Well, most Motörhead live albums are interesting, aren't they?
"We might not be the best band in the world, but we are definitely the fastest."
Important Tracks: All of them.
©: 1990   (p): 1990   Label: Enigma   #: 7 73536-2   Media: CD   
Notes: "Killed by Death", "Bomber", "Motörhead" weren't found on the LP release but are included here.

 Rating: 6/10
Motörhead - 1916
Title: 1916
This is a bit of a "pop" record compared to many other Motörhead albums. Never-the-less it is also a very good and consistent album. While some hard-core Motörhead fans may have had to replay this album more than a few times to understand what was going on, it was a bold move from the band. The result is great melodies and a very enjoyable album. The guitar rocker "Going To Brazil" and the tribute "R.A.M.O.N.E.S." are all-time favourites but also a "pop" track like "No Voices In The Sky" has great quality.
Important Tracks: The one to sing the blues, I'm so bad (baby I don't care), no voices in the sky, going to brazil, love me forever, ramones, 1916
©: 1991   (p): 1991   Label: Sony   #: 467481 2   Media: CD   

 Rating: 3/10
Motörhead - March Ör Die
Title: March Ör Die
Not exactly a great record but it still contains a few fairly good songs. "Cat Scratch Fever" is a pretty good cover of a Ted Nugent song. "I Ain't No Nice Guy" is a duet with Ozzy Osbourne. Line-up for this record was: Lemmy, Phil Campbell, Wurzel and a new man ex-King Diamond drummer Mikkey Dee. I remember seeing a King Diamond concert in Odense, Denmark featuring Mikkey Dee on drums. I remember thinking to myself after the concert: Wow! That dude is too cool for this, he needs to aim higher. And so he did. He joined the best and dirtiest rock 'n' roll band in the world: Motörhead.
Important Tracks: Cat scratch fever, I ain't no nice guy, hellraiser, you better run, name in vain
©: 1992   (p): 1992   Label: Sony   #: 471723 2   Media: CD   

 Rating: 9/10
Motörhead - Bastards
Title: Bastards
If the previous record "March Ör Die" wasn't exactly awesome, then "Bastards" is exactly that: bloody awesome! The first 4 or 5 songs starts like a fucking atomic explosion. "Burner" is faster than anything fast and "Death Or Glory" has outstanding lyrics including: "Death or Glory, Death or Glory - Executioner, Judge and Jury - Death or Glory, Death or Glory - Blood and iron it's the same old story - Auf Stehen!!!" There's even an unusual touching ballad about pedofilia "Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me". Also a track like "Lost In The Ozone" deserves a mention, great shit.
Important Tracks: On your feet or on your knees, burner, death or glory, I am the sword, born to raise hell, don't let daddy kiss me, bad woman, lost in the ozone
©: 1993   (p): 1993   Label: ZYX   #: ZYX 20263-2   Media: CD   

 Rating: 6/10
Motörhead - The Best Of - All The Aces (compilation)
Title: The Best Of - All The Aces (compilation)
This is not the worst Motörhead compilation ever. It covers tracks from 1978 to 1986. At the time of release I guess it was fairly good. It contains a remix that you really don't wanna listen to "Ace of spades - CCN remix", yuck! Also it has an extra cd called "The Muggers Tapes" that is best used as a beer mat.
Important Tracks: Most songs.
©: 1993   (p): 1993   Label: Castle   #: CSC 7114CY CTVCD 125   Media: CD   

 Rating: 6/10
Motörhead - Sacrifice
Title: Sacrifice
What I really hate about this album is the production. It is a nightmare of mud and a school example of how you shouldn't produce a rock 'n' roll album. The production simply kills any energy or nerve that may have been put into the shit. Songs like "Sacrifice" and "Over Your Shoulder" have the quality to shine through the mud but only barely. In fact I always listen to live recordings of these songs instead. They sound way better.
Important Tracks: Sacrifice, over your shoulder, out of the sun
©: 1995   (p): 1995   Label: SPV   #: spv 085-76942   Media: CD   

 Rating: 10/10
Motörhead - Overnight Sensation
Title: Overnight Sensation
This is an unusually melodic Motörhead album. Motörhead was now down to 3 bandmembers: Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey. It is worth noting that this was the first album with this awesome lineup and it proved to be an unusually long-lasting lineup. I really like this album and it's got lots of great songs. The 2 best songs are probably "Love Can't Buy You Money" and "Broken", but they are closely followed by quite a few other great songs.
Important Tracks: Civil war, crazy like a fox, I don't believe a word, overnight sensation, love can't buy you money, broken, them not me, listen to your heart
©: 1996   (p): 1996   Label: SPV   #: spv 085-18302   Media: CD   

 Rating: 5/10
Motörhead - Snake Bite Love
Title: Snake Bite Love
This is not a perfect album but it's got a consistent sound and it has some good songs as well. Especially "Take The Blame" is a strong song making it very clear how Lemmy feels about those politician swine "See you on TV, you talk and talk and talk - Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah - Liars, thieves and dorks".
Important Tracks: Love for sale, snake bite love, take the blame, night side, don't lie to me, joy of labour, better off dead
©: 1998   (p): 1998   Label: SPV   #: spv 085-18892 cd   Media: CD   

 Rating: 9/10
Motörhead - Everything Louder Than Everyone Else (live)
Title: Everything Louder Than Everyone Else (live)
It won't be easy to top "No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith" in the live album category. But "Everything Louder Than Everyone Else" is a close second. It was recorded in 1998 and it is a 2cd packed with so many great tracks that it is hard to comprehend. It holds an outstanding "Orgasmatron" and a surprise track "Lost In The Ozone". It has one of the best versions of "Overkill", a great "Over Your Shoulder" and not to mention "Burner" and "Take The Blame". You need this album in your Motörhead collection.
Important Tracks: All songs.
©: 1999   (p): 1999   Label: SPV   #: spv 087-21142 dcd   Media: CD   

 Rating: 6/10
Motörhead - We Are Motörhead
Title: We Are Motörhead
A bit better than "Snake Bite Love" and with a good flow. Starts traditionally with a blast in "See Me Burning" and contains the great Sex Pistols cover "God Save The Queen" that shows how Motörhead is well-connected with punk. I've always preferred Dead Kennedys to the Pistols but I can't deny that this track has some quality in it for many reasons. "One More Fucking Time" is a nice Motörhead ballad. "We Are Motörhead" always makes you think: is this "Ace Of Spades" again? Well, it ain't too far from it. "We are the ones you love, or we're the ones you hate - We are the first and we just still might be the last - We are Motorhead, born to kick your ass!"
Important Tracks: See me burning, slow dance, god save the queen, one more fucking time, we are motörhead
©: 2000   (p): 2000   Label: SPV   #: spv 085-21822 cd   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Motörhead - The Best Of (compilation)
Title: The Best Of (compilation)
Pretty cool collection in remastered glory. I don't really agree with the track selection, but then again I never do, when it comes to Motörhead compilations. Not a bad place to start, if you are a Motörvirgin.
Important Tracks: Most of them.
©: 2000   (p): 2000   Label: Sanctuary   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 4/10
Motörhead - Hammered
Title: Hammered
Sometimes a cool production and a raw - almost garage - sound can be enough. Sometimes it is enough to hide the fact that great songs also need to be in the mix. This album is not one of those times. "Walk A crooked Mile" is a jolly fine song: "And if you were out to lunch - What would you eat?" and "Shut Your mouth" ain't too bad either. The rest of the lot ain't that great, really...
Important Tracks: Walk a crooked mile, down the line, brave new world, shut your mouth
©: 2002   (p): 2002   Label: SPV   #: spv 089-74060 dcd   Media: CD   

 Rating: 8/10
Motörhead - Stone Deaf Forever (compilation)
Title: Stone Deaf Forever (compilation)
If you are looking for a place to start becoming a Motörhead believer, this could be what you're looking for. 4 compilation cds and an extra (official "bootleg") live cd is in this boxset. You'll get a great booklet as well with lots of info and photos. I'm not totally pleased with the song selection though. I think I could have done better. But still, it ain't a bad compilation at all.
Important Tracks: Sooooo many to chose from...
©: 2003   (p): 2003   Label: Sanctuary   #: CMXBX 747/1/2/3/4/5   Media: CD   

 Rating: 8/10
Motörhead - Live At Brixton Academy (live)
Title: Live At Brixton Academy (live)
The complete 25-year anniversary concert recorded live in 2000 with various guests including "Fast" Eddie Clarke. 23 tracks including 6 tracks that were not on the "Boneshaker" (dvd 2001) bonus cd. Somehow I never really liked the dvd (The mix is not perfect and something ain't right) and you would think that this cd is obviously pretty much the same shit without the picture... Well not quite.
1-2-3-4 that's it, that's the one. Buy a bunch of beers and you'll probably love it to Motör-Death. If not, turn it way up, drink some more, and you surely will! ;)
Important Tracks: Most of them, but especially 'I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)', 'Civil War', 'Overnight Sensation', 'You Better Run', 'Orgasmatron', & 'Iron Fist' none of them found on the DVD.
©: 2003   (p): 2003   Label: SPV   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 6/10
Motörhead - Inferno
Title: Inferno
Once again, what we have here is not a perfect Motörhead album. The songs are not quite good enough. The best of them are simply oustanding: "In The Name Of Tragedy" and "In The Year Of The Wolf" and a surprise acoustic track like "Whorehouse Blues" is always fantastic. But the rest is fairly easy to forget about. In 2005 Motörhead released a dvd called "Stage Fright". It is as simple as this: Buy it. NOW! One of the best music dvds ever made. Freakin' excellent sound and picture and you'll get some hilarious backstage shit as well. Trust me. You'll need this dvd.
Important Tracks: Killers, in the name of tragedy, in the year of the wolf, whorehouse blues
©: 2004   (p): 2004   Label: SPV   #: spv 087-69740 cd+dvd   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Motörhead - Live & In-Session (BBC)
Title: Live & In-Session (BBC)
A collection of BBC recordings. Pretty cool stuff really. Contains four sessions: 1978, 1979, 1981 and 1986.
Important Tracks: Louie louie, I'll be your sister, stay clean, no class, (I won't)pay your price, capricorn, like a nightmare, killed by death, orgasmatron, doctor rock, deaf forever
©: 2005   (p): 2005   Label: Sanctuary   #: SMEDD237   Media: CD   

 Rating: 10/10
Motörhead - Kiss Of Death
Title: Kiss Of Death
If somebody (not me) thought that Lemmy and co. didn't have it in them anymore, then that same person must have been blown away in 2006. This is one of the best Motörhead albums ever. It has a massive lot of everything that makes Motörhead the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world today. Furious speed in "Sucker" and the next 3 tracks. It has blues in "Under The Gun" and something close to a ballad in the anti-religion song "God Was Never On Your Side". The album ends just as fast as it began in "Going Down", and the bonus Metallica cover "Whiplash" fits in perfectly. If someone thought that a man long past his 60 years birthday is almost dead, then they haven't really met Lemmy Kilmister. So unbelievably many years in rock 'n' roll on a constant diet of Jack D & Coke, Marlboro, speed and women. And don't forget Phil and Mikkey. The 3 of them form one of the tightest (and loudest) bands in the world. Catch them live if you dare, and witness for yourself.
Important Tracks: Sucker, one night stand, devil I know, trigger, under the gun, god was never on your side, be my baby, kingdom of the worm, going down, whiplash
©: 2006   (p): 2006   Label: SPV   #: spv 99910 cd ltd.   Media: CD   

 Rating: 8/10
Motörhead - Better Motörhead Than Dead - Live at Hammersmith (live)
Title: Better Motörhead Than Dead - Live at Hammersmith (live)
"We are Motörhead. We play Rock 'n' Roll!" Recorded live in 2005 (Motörhead's 30th anniversary show). It covers tracks through-out their career. The sound is excellent. The band is a freakin' steam-hammer.
You've got to love it. "49% Motherfucker - 51% Son of a Bitch." Enough said.
"Is it loud enough yet? Turn it up Dave. Do IT to them!"
Important Tracks: All of them, god dammit!
©: 2007   (p): 2007   Label: SPV   #: spv 98172 2cd   Media: CD   

 Rating: 9/10
Motörhead - Motörizer
Title: Motörizer
It took me a bit longer to get into this new album than it did with the previous one Kiss Of Death (2006) that was an absolutely excellent album. However once it hit the 5th or 6th replay in my player it started to open up. What you will notice is that the guitarwork from Phil Cambell is absolutely stunning throughout the entire album.
With only a few songs that are not up to standard this is a very good Motörhead album. You may have to listen to it several times to realize just how great it really is, but once you do it will reward you big time.
Important Tracks: Runaround Man, Teach You How To Sing The Blues, When The Eagle Screams, Rock Out, One Short Life, Buried Alive, Back On The Chain, Time Is Right, The Thousand Names Of God.
©: 2008   (p): 2008   Label: SPV   #: spv 91630 cd ltd.   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Motörhead - The Wörld Is Yours
Title: The Wörld Is Yours
The newest Motörpunch in the face is a 10 track collection of pure rock'n'roll. It has a lot of the sound from Kiss Of Death[2006] and Motörizer[2008] which is not so strange since it is once again produced by Cameron Webb, who seems to be the perfect choice for this band.
The new album doesn't have quite the obvious hits that the other 2 albums were full of. But still it's a very solid and consistent travel with the Motörhead rock'n'roll machine. Saying that the album doesn't have any completely outstanding tracks it is also a fact that it doesn't have any weak tracks either.
Important Tracks: Born To Lose, I Know How To Die, Get Back In Line, Rock'n'Roll Music, Brotherhood Of Man, I Know What You Need, Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye
©: 2010   (p): 2010   Label: UDR   #: ?   Media: CD   

 Rating: 5/10
Motörhead - Aftershock
Title: Aftershock
Important Tracks: 
©: 2013   (p): 2013   Label: UDR   #: CRP15-10-13   Media: CD   

 Rating: 8/10
Motörhead - Bad Magic
Title: Bad Magic
Important Tracks: 
©: 2015   (p): 2015   Label: UDR   #: ?   Media: CD   

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Motörhead - Vega - Copenhagen, Denmark - 2007-12-04 - Live  ♦  The Black Crusade - KB-hallen - Denmark - 2007-12-10 - Live  ♦  Motörhead - Vega - Copenhagen, Denmark - 2008-12-09 - Live  ♦  Dragontears - Loppen - Copenhagen - 2009-04-18 - Live  ♦  Motörhead - Live @ Graa Hal, Copenhagen - 2009-06-06  ♦  Motörhead - Roskilde Festival - Denmark - Live - 2010-07-04  ♦  Grinderman - Vega, Copenhagen - Denmark - Live - 2011-07-12  ♦  Motörhead - Aalborg and Copenhagen - Denmark - Live - 2011-12-02 + 04  ♦  The Raveonettes - Vega, Copenhagen - Live - 2011-12-10   ♦  Here's a few afterthoughts from Copenhell 2012  ♦  The Raveonettes - Vega, Copenhagen - Live - 2012-10-26  ♦  Gutter Island Festival 2014, Masnedø Fort, 2014-08-22 + 23.  ♦  The Raveonettes - Vega, Copenhagen - Live - 2014-12-11  ♦  Et tilbageblik på Copenhell 2016  ♦  Warner E. Hodges live @ Sankt Gertruds, Malmö, Sweden, 2017-10-18   ♦  Hollywood Vampires - Tivoli, Copenhagen, 2018-06-08  ♦  Nine Inch Nails - Zitadelle Spandau, Berlin, 2018-07-02  ♦  Roskilde Festival 2007 - The worst band selection ever at RF
Dvd reviews:
Motörhead : "Clean Your Clock" [CD + Blu-Ray)
Movie comments:
Lemmy - The movie
Movie reviews:
Lemmy - The Movie  ♦  Hellraiser 1-2-3 (revisited in 2011)
Music comments:
30 albums I would take with me to a galaxy far far way  ♦  The 10 best live concerts I saw in 2011  ♦  25 albums I would take with me to a galaxy far far way  ♦  Top 5 : music albums of 2015  ♦  Lemmy is dead. Motörhead is dead. Rock 'n' roll is dead?  ♦  The year of shit named 2016 - KP's "Best of vs. Worst of"  ♦  KP's 2017 Album Top 10
Music dvd reviews:
Motörhead - Stage Fright  ♦  Live At Wacken 2009 (20th Anniversary) - 3 dvd  ♦  Motörhead - The Wörld Is Ours - Vol. 1
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Motörhead - The Wörld Is Yours - Collector's Pack  ♦  Motörhead - Live @ Graa Hal, Copenhagen - Photos  ♦  Motörhead - The Wörld Is Yours - Collector's Pack  ♦  Motörhead - Live @ Roskilde Festival 2010, Photos  ♦  Motörhead - Live @ Vega, Copenhagen - Photos  ♦  Motörhead - Live @ Vega, Copenhagen - Photos  ♦  Motörhead - Live in Aalborg and Copenhagen 2011, Photos