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About Westworld
Westworld was founded by former Generation X band member Bob "Derwood" Andrews in London back in 1986. Generation X had consisted of such prominent members as Billy Idol and Tony James (who created the amazing Sigue Sigue Sputnik.) As lead vocalist Bob chose american singer Elizabeth Westwood. Third original band member was Nick Burton.
Westworld had a fantastic "cartoon" image (just take a look at the cover of their first album) and a great sound of beatbox and electronic drums meets classic rock'n'roll guitars. Pretty lightweight some may argue but entertaining and great pop music never-the-less.
They started off with the single "Sonic Boom Boy" which became a rather big UK hit and paved the way for the first album "Where the action is" (which was also released in the US under a different name "Rockulator".)
One year later a second album "Beatbox Rock 'n' roll" was released. However the album somehow didn't sell enough to please the record company and this album was only released in a limited market(Scandinavia, France, Australia and New Zealand).
A new album "Movers and Shakers" wasn't released until 1991 and only in the US. For this release the band had been reconstructed. Nick had been replaced by Gary Young and Tracey O'Conner(T.J.) After this record I believe the band pretty soon split up and that was the end of Westworld.
1987 1988 1991
Westworld V1.0 lineup: 
Bob "Derwood" Andrews
Elizabeth Westwood
Nick Burton.
Westworld V2.0 lineup: 
Bob "Derwood" Andrews
Elizabeth Westwood
Gary Young
Tracey O'Conner (T.J.)