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KP says: Alien: Covenant [2017]   Rating: Rating: 4/6   
Updated: 2017-05-20 14:45:36    Type:  movie review     English text   Read Full Comment + add reply    
In Ridley Scott's new Prometheus [2012] sequel and Alien [1979] prequel, a colonization ship decides to visit an Earth-like new planet on the way to their planned destination. Let's just reveal, that it was a very bad decision. But if the captain is a religious moron, and all movie astronauts these days seem to be emotion-driven lunatics without any self-control or sense of logic, then bad things are bound to happen. David [Michael Fassbender] ... [read more]
Alien: Covenant [2017] (movie review)
KP says: Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel : "I Can Spin A Rainbow"   Rating: Rating: 2/6   
Updated: 2017-05-13 18:15:09    Type:  cd review     English text   Read Full Comment + add reply    
I don't know what it is with Amanda Palmer these days, but she has been trying to bore me to death for a while now. It pretty much began after she had her baby, so that was probably a bad career move. Well, bad for me at least. This new album is a collaboration with Edward Ka-Spel. I don't know if he is usually boring too, but on this album he surely is. It ... [read more]
Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel : "I Can Spin A Rainbow" (cd review)
KP says: Slægt : "Domus Mysterium"   Rating: Rating: 6/6   
Updated: 2017-05-06 18:56:26    Type:  cd review     English text   Read Full Comment + add reply    
I stepped into the rumours of a new young Danish kick-ass metal band in Copenhagen's Vega last year (2016). I went there to hear the Irish band Primordial, and I walked out of Vega with a vinyl EP of the Danish support act Slægt afterwards. They hadn't embarressed themselves at all, even if support gigs are usually impossible to survive. I put on their EP on my trusty 1210 at home, and it was true ... [read more]
Slægt : "Domus Mysterium" (cd review)
Slægt : "Domus Mysterium" (cd review)
KP says: Depeche Mode : "Spirit"   Rating: Rating: 1/6   
Updated: 2017-04-28 19:47:55    Type:  cd review     English text   Read Full Comment + add reply    
The new Depeche Mode album is so boring that it must have been written solely by Andy Fletcher, while he was standing behind his laptop on stage, reading his emails. It's like trying to watch the "Gandhi" [1982] movie without falling asleep. That movie runs for more than 3 hours and nothing happens. Much like on this album. Luckily it only runs for 49 minutes, but it feels like an eternity. Highlights? None. ... [read more]
Depeche Mode : "Spirit" (cd review)
KP says: The Fate of the Furious (2D) [2017]   Rating: Rating: 3/6   
Updated: 2017-04-23 19:18:01    Type:  movie review     English text   Read Full Comment + add reply    
So for this Fast & Furious 8 movie, what if the evil cyber-criminals Aileen Wuornos and Tormund Giantsbane will force Riddick to betray his FAMILIA, and Riddick's beloved team will have to do their very best to try to stop the criminals from using a military EMP device to steal a Russian submarine complete with nuclear missiles and launch codes? Sounds tough perhaps, but Sarge, Rain, Missandei, MacReady, Jason Statham himself and many more, ... [read more]
The Fate of the Furious (2D) [2017] (movie review)
KP says: Black Magic Six : "Choose Death"   Rating: Rating: 6/6   
Updated: 2017-04-08 18:20:36    Type:  cd review     English text   Read Full Comment + add reply    
This new record is the 4th full-length album from Black Magic Six. To begin with, it follows the well-known formula of the Finnish duo, with lots of dirty, noisy and massive garage rock, distorted guitar and pounding drums on "Dance With Me, Satan". But already on the second track "Shake, Shake, Shake" it becomes clear, that the boys are in a playful mood. I don't know if funky is the right word to describe it, ... [read more]
Black Magic Six : "Choose Death" (cd review)
KP says: Ghost in the Shell (3D) [2017]   Rating: Rating: 3/6   
Updated: 2017-04-07 20:03:46    Type:  movie review     English text   Read Full Comment + add reply    
Well, it ain't no new "Blade Runner" [1982]. Not that it is necessarily trying to be that, but of course it is hard not to compare any movie about androids to the old masterpiece. Visually it is impressive, but in a very CGI-looking way. Not believable as a real future city or a future reality. But once you accept the CGI world, it does look impressive. The 3D is perhaps not very necessary here, but ... [read more]
Ghost in the Shell (3D) [2017] (movie review)
KP says: Mayhem @ Amager Bio - Copenhagen, Live, 2017-03-26   Rating: Rating: 5/6   
Updated: 2017-03-27 04:06:21    Type:  concert review     English text   Read Full Comment + add reply    
Mayhem were in town on a Sunday night. They entertained us Copenhagen fuck-heads for 46+ minutes, blasting one of the best metal albums ever made, "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", originally released in 1994 after much mayhem, murder and suicide. Hellhammer's drum-kit is bloody huge and so is the sound. The band were hiding in the dark behind the fog and smoke for most of the gig, but what they lack in stage-extravaganza, fun ... [read more]
Mayhem @ Amager Bio - Copenhagen, Live, 2017-03-26 (concert review)
KP says: Life [2017]   Rating: Rating: 1/6   
Updated: 2017-03-25 17:36:05    Type:  movie review     English text   Read Full Comment + add reply    
I had a perhaps naive hope that this movie would be a lot like Alien. Well, it kinda isn't. The crew on the International Space Station retrieves a Mars probe. An alien life form is found. The alien is not a fan of other life forms. Everything goes Fubar. The end. Not the most creative story writing perhaps, but it could have been enough. The Alien squid thingy is kinda cool, but not exactly ... [read more]
Life [2017] (movie review)
KP says: Elle [2016]   Rating: Rating: 4/6   
Updated: 2017-03-19 17:20:42    Type:  movie review     English text   Read Full Comment + add reply    
Paul Verhoeven is my all-time favorite director, responsible for such masterpieces as Robocop[1987], Showgirls[1995], Starship Troopers[1997] to name a few. I took a big chance going to the cinema to watch his latest movie though. It is French and we all know what French movies are like. Hysterical women screaming all the time, all while they are bitchslapping or getting bitchslapped every 5 minutes. Luckily, this movie is not quite like that. Surely, ... [read more]
Elle [2016] (movie review)
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